Friday, September 24, 2010


So ask me how my day was, no, go ahead and ask.
My closest friend recently got news that she was moving. Well sure I'd be upset, heart-broken and junk, then it's announced she's leaving NEXT WEEK! Not even a week's notice, and then she'll be off to California!
And TODAY was her last day at school. I had tears in the brim of my eyes all first period, I was soooo close to skipping second, but she had a major project due, so i sucked it up. I'd see her all 3rd period after all~
So an hour into second period, an announcement goes out for a Lock-down. "Greeeaat! What fuuun. It's okay, maybe I'll get out in time to hang out with her third period if this is just a drill!"
But time went by, and another announcement rang out, this one announced the WHOLE SCHOOL(About 1,800 students not including teacher and staff
were to be evacuated from the premises.
So about now, everyone's excited and crowds of people swarm to the many buses available for transportation to the unknown. I must mention I cant get in contact with my friend at this time either. >:I 
By the time I do find her, 20 minutes later, the whole school is packed onto the front lawn and the 117° SUN is beating down hard and agonizingly. She'd been evacuated too soon and left all of her belongings in her classroom. We proceeded to the buses were the'SWAT officers' hurried us in, "Quickly! We're running out of time!" WHAT??
His gun was HUGE.D:

Yeah. Apparently, a bomb threat had been set, and a note had been recovered near the school with detailed information about blowing up the school.
So we traveled onward, not knowing where we would be going, or when we'd be able to come back, eventually arriving at the local Sports Complex.
Needless to say, we all sat in the outside sun, and no one was happy.
After about 2 hours, we were alerted that food would arrive in a bit, and to sit tight.
We were also informed that no student was allowed to leave the complex, or go back to the school to retrieve their belongings until further notice. So there we sat in wait.
At about 12 we were released from school custody and buses and parents came by the dozens!
Not to of course mention many News stations and onlookers.
After much trial and error, we finally made it to the Bus, and made it home~
EGHHH!!! What a day, and it isn't even over yet.
Blegh, I'm gonna take a nap.
Unrelated, pic is unrelated.
In retrospect, school was let out half an hour earlier~

Yay. News.

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