Monday, October 4, 2010

Convention Tales: Part One!

Hello everyone~!
Sorry for the long wait, but this past Weekend has been very busy! So there will be a lot here to make up!
And pictures!!:D
So this past Weekend I spent my days at the lovely SABOTEN-CON!
Saboten is an extremely fun Anime/Manga/Game Convention held every year here with special guests, panels, prizes, games, and much more~~
As many of you know, I went with my best friend~ I Cosplayed by myself Friday, and we Cosplayed together Saturdy~
If you're curious, my first Cosplay is, 
Tsuruya, from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya~~
The day started of off amazing, we skipped school and woke up bright and early to get ready!

 It luckily didn't take us too long to get to the Con seeing as we live only 35 minutes away, so we got there on right on time!~
 I say right on time because we worked there as special Volunteers~~
Meant to keep the convention running smoothly by doing jobs for panels and being moderatorsmaintenance, crowd control, running the desk, ect.
After 'work' we were allowed to enjoy the con in it's entirety~
Let's take pictures of Cosplayers!:D
There were great costumes this year!:D
Although I'm not a fan of the pairing, they were adorable~
Canterella Miku and Kaito were gorgeous~
Cute ass, Shota ass, Roxas~
More on Cosplay later~ 
It was great fun meeting up with friends there!x'3
Dear gosh I love them~~

And taking pictures with counterparts~
This Haruhiko was great fun the whole con~x3
Oh? You didn't see this episode~?
Due to work, I missed some of the panels, but the one I enjoyed most was the panel with Mary Elizabeth McGlynn~♥ She's very comical and pretty, really down to earth! She even sang for us~

I haven't played it yet, but she's singing a song from, 
Silent Hill, she's quite famous for it~
Oh! Harry Potter is on! I think I'll post more tomorrow~xD
Here's a few random crap pictures to keep you goin till then~:D
What are you laughing at Tsuruya dear~?
Ah, BL, yes, this is quite funny~
My hauu, hauu, hauu Rika~♥
Random Congoers
The, 'rave,' of the Con.
I didn't appreciate this get together, the ages were mixed from 13-to-30, very inappropriate dancing was done, and it smelled like, 'dirty cheeseburgers.' 
I had to get a picture of this guy's shirt.
He wore it all around the con, he even showed my friend and I his watch...
Needless to say, I cant post the picture on here..

See you tomorrow~!

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