Friday, October 8, 2010

Convention Tales: Part Two!

Hello everyone~! It looks like it's time for the second installment!:D
We last left off with random Cosplay and events~
While I was Cosplaying with my dear friend, I wanted to take tons of pictures! And the area was just gorgeous, so why not?:D
Picture whoring begins...NOW!;D

It was so pretty and bright there, perfect for pictures!

Here are some personal favorites~8D'
"O yeaz, blah blah.."
Oohs? Peoples? 
"Oooh! Hello peoples! He-"
 Aha~ Picture taking is so much fun! I would kill for a professional camera!D"x 
Like a Canon...
Ehe, there were tons of trees as you can see, the weather was cool and fresh!~ Everyone was enjoying themselves inside, and outside of the convention~!
The cutest dang Rao I will ever see!!
Shanon and Kanon!w

Friday was exciting indeed, skipping exams to Cosplay and play games? I'll take it any day!!
As I type up this blog post on the Friday night a week after the convention, I fondly remember what I was doing at this time then, and silently weep~ I miss it!xD

And there's a messy, inaccurate, and shortened summery of Friday, next post, SATURDAY!8D
Smochi? Smochi...?
Uhoo, Smochi! D"x
Where are you?!8B

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