Thursday, March 8, 2012

Persona 4 The Animation Episode 21 'Don't Save Anybody Anymore'

OMG!! If there ever was a time where shit got real, THIS WOULD BE IT!!!(」゜ロ゜)」
This episode had me freaking out the whole way!! So much happened, so much was revealed, yet I want to know soooo much more!!ヾ(×0× ) ツ
Is it really almost over?? Are we really already at that point?? It's crazy to imagine we are! At this point I'm rather happy I never finished the game, it makes not knowing what's going to happen next all the more nerve-racking and exciting!!ヾ(*д*)ノ゛♥

Yu receives another threatening letter from the anonymous presumed murderer stating that if he doesn't stop saving people, the next person who will be in danger will be someone close to him. This is unfortunately seen by uncle detective and Yu is officially in deep shit.
Yu ends up being questioned Detective style and gives into telling Dojima EVERYTHING.
But of course, being the thick-headed man that he is, he doesn't believe a lick of it and ends up locking Yuu in an interrogation room (´-`) 
Just in time for Nanoko(Whom they left home alone AGAIN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT) to get KIDNAPPED, YAAAYY!!(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Oh fabulous, Doujima is fabulous.
Freaking almost started crying when Yu broke down in panic and started banging on the door to be let out; thank goodness le lady friends where there to help~!!;~;
Through much explanation and female Detective brilliance we finally discover the culprit!!
Namatame Taro!! The Ex city council secretary whom (if you remember) the first victim had an affair with~ 
*which completely blew me out of the water!!* I thought it was the dinner delivery chick Aika.
I love how dedicated and upset Naoto was about this whole issue too~ She's such a freaking sweetheart I just can not~!´∀`)ノ
Now that they finally know who the criminal is, everyone rushes to catch the dastardly delivery man!!
That is until...
Dammnit Doujima! 
As if Yuu already didn't have enough to worry about! (ノಠಠ)ノ┻━┻
"You'll save Nanoko right?" He says after acussing Yuu of lying to him.
And of course to make matters worse!
Don't die, you're my favorite loli character of the 21st century~(´;д;`)♥
Next episode looks even more promising!! I really can't wait~!!O(≧▽≦)O
I just hope nobody dies, and I hope all those spoilers I saw were not true...D;

Senhime Zesshou Symphogear Episode 9 (。'▽'。)♡

Really beautiful and touching episode this week~!
Tsubasa, Miku and Hibiki go on a friendly date in the first half which was really cute~
I loved everyone's little outfits (though Hibiki's struck me as a little odd for some reason) but great scenes came out of it! 
Image screencaps from the date~
I especially enjoyed Tsubasa's classic karaoke~!*0*//
 They're all so freaking cute! It's a shame Chris wasn't invited!;_______;
On that note, Genjurou and Chris's scene was pretty cute as well, and I'd really like to know more about the whole situation between those two!:O
Genjurou's getting cooler and cooler every episode too; he's like the anime fatherly figure of the year~(*´∀`*) His character's really starting to grow on me though, despite the fact that he looks like he belongs in an episode of Tiger and Bunny.
I also enjoy this version on Chris's Symphogear more than the first one~ It's cuter and I think red suits her more~ Not to mention I think on the contrary to most Symphogear that are close combat her's is aerial so~...
We of course can't leave out Tsubasa's concert performance from this review!
One of the best animated things bundled up with this episode~
I really love when they animate the concert bits, they're so prettily done and fluid They've gotta be my favorite part of the series~('▽')
The absolutely concert was gorgeous and so much fun to watch!!
Along with Hibiki and Chris fighting in alternate scenes, it was just an amazing sequence all together~!
Tsubasa's heartwarming speech at the end of the concert was just lovely as well, I almost cried it was so sweet!!(♥ó////ò)ノ♡ 
So for the most part, all well that ends well with this episode!
Tsubasa will go on to singing internationally, and Chris will eventually join the good side and become an ally of justice, singing, and pretty dreses!(。・ω・。)ノ

And with the series coming to an end soon, I do hope everything works out nicely and Hibiki doesn't die.
Can't wait for the next episode! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chihayafuru Episode 22 'As My Beauty Has Faded'

Ah, Chihaya really has the worst of luck! Of course the main character being pitted against even stronger and/or special players is normal, but it's just getting a little ridiculous. :/
I mean who can honestly say they've contended against both past and present queen? Of course it's unfair, but it just proves the producers don't want even one boring episode!

Anyway! In this episode Chihaya is matched against the previous Karuta queen, Yamamoto Yumi. A lethargic looking, unconfident older woman who seems to have pretty much given up on winning and disappointing people who have high expectations of her. 
At the beginning of the episode I pitied her quite a bit considering how pitiful she looked and acted. Like other opponents Chihaya has played, she had a reason for playing, and a touching story that went along with her brooding mood that made you feel some sort of empathy towards her. 
Flashbacks of younger Chihaya watching her play as queen in the finals surfaced as well, showing the A-class rookie's respect for the previous champion.
However, in an unexpected turn of events; thanks to Chihaya's burning confidence, and Yumi's sensei's overzealous behavior, she manages to pick herself up and begin playing in a way that befits her.
Now this is when my sympathies for her ran out, as she went on using a technique that was not only unfair, but annoying to all the other players around her.
A nit-picky technique in which she questioned her opponent's every move and second guessed every little detail.
In a nutshell, watching Chihaya loose to the previous queen who used what can only be considered as cheating, was really tough to watch! Throughout the whole series she's demonstrated confidence in winning as well as when she lost, but after this match she didn't even bow! Which is not only courteous,  but something she has done in ever single match up to this point! 
A very scary scene!
On the brighter side of things, I really enjoy the thought of Kana-Chan becoming a professional reader! She would be so lovely at it, and get to wear a pretty kimono everyday match~ Which would not only make her happy, but would improve the sales of her family's store as well~! I look forward to this development definitely!
So all in all I hope things improve on Chihaya's end, maybe a kiss from Taichi? Shot.
And I REALLY hope she isn't forced to go bald in the next episode...!;w;

We'll see! Until next time~!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blood-C Episode 12...*Spoilers*

I don't know why all of my up to date posts are gone, but I really wanted to discuss this, so I'm making another one for episode 12; if it gets deleted, then that's a shame.

Okay so I am BEYOOONDDD freaked out over this episode!!
Fumito is way boss and terrifying as shit. I knew he was important, but I had nooo idea he was he main bad guy from the begining!;; He's totally a jerk too, though it's not like anyone besides Tomofusa was also. I mean SERIIOUSSSLLYY! The twins, Tokizane, the teacher; all of them were just awful!! Doublecrossing assholes who just as vicious as the Elderbrains/

Though I wouldn't quite say their deaths were deserved; as they were awfully awfully cruel; not to mention hideously grotesque~
The carnage in the episode was unbelievable to say the least, it was cencored to death and I still barfed macaroni; my stomach, jeese. I can't even imagine what uncensored will be like, considering this episode alone I'm in shivers!!

I think Tomofusa's death is the only one in the series I got choked up about, he was a real sweetheart and they totally just did away with him in a highly unacceptable and horrifying manner.>:/

I'll miss him the most;-;
All in all I think this anime wins the most bloody award in my book.
Not in my many years of anime have I seen an anime with so much blood and so many deaths/
Not Elfen Lied, not Higurashi, Dokuro-Chan, Blood+, HOTD, etc.
Though it lacks the horror of most bloodthirsty anime, the blood part of it is always there.
And yes, these are very few of the examples of extreme bloodbaths because I'm lazy~~

Anyway, in the event that this somehow gets deleted BECAUSE BLOGGER IS A BEEZY I won't write too much; even though I'm late on watching, please tell me what you all thought of it!!
Kyubey anyone?/人 ‿‿ 人\

Bowl of Fish.