Thursday, March 8, 2012

Senhime Zesshou Symphogear Episode 9 (。'▽'。)♡

Really beautiful and touching episode this week~!
Tsubasa, Miku and Hibiki go on a friendly date in the first half which was really cute~
I loved everyone's little outfits (though Hibiki's struck me as a little odd for some reason) but great scenes came out of it! 
Image screencaps from the date~
I especially enjoyed Tsubasa's classic karaoke~!*0*//
 They're all so freaking cute! It's a shame Chris wasn't invited!;_______;
On that note, Genjurou and Chris's scene was pretty cute as well, and I'd really like to know more about the whole situation between those two!:O
Genjurou's getting cooler and cooler every episode too; he's like the anime fatherly figure of the year~(*´∀`*) His character's really starting to grow on me though, despite the fact that he looks like he belongs in an episode of Tiger and Bunny.
I also enjoy this version on Chris's Symphogear more than the first one~ It's cuter and I think red suits her more~ Not to mention I think on the contrary to most Symphogear that are close combat her's is aerial so~...
We of course can't leave out Tsubasa's concert performance from this review!
One of the best animated things bundled up with this episode~
I really love when they animate the concert bits, they're so prettily done and fluid They've gotta be my favorite part of the series~('▽')
The absolutely concert was gorgeous and so much fun to watch!!
Along with Hibiki and Chris fighting in alternate scenes, it was just an amazing sequence all together~!
Tsubasa's heartwarming speech at the end of the concert was just lovely as well, I almost cried it was so sweet!!(♥ó////ò)ノ♡ 
So for the most part, all well that ends well with this episode!
Tsubasa will go on to singing internationally, and Chris will eventually join the good side and become an ally of justice, singing, and pretty dreses!(。・ω・。)ノ

And with the series coming to an end soon, I do hope everything works out nicely and Hibiki doesn't die.
Can't wait for the next episode! 

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