Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chihayafuru Episode 22 'As My Beauty Has Faded'

Ah, Chihaya really has the worst of luck! Of course the main character being pitted against even stronger and/or special players is normal, but it's just getting a little ridiculous. :/
I mean who can honestly say they've contended against both past and present queen? Of course it's unfair, but it just proves the producers don't want even one boring episode!

Anyway! In this episode Chihaya is matched against the previous Karuta queen, Yamamoto Yumi. A lethargic looking, unconfident older woman who seems to have pretty much given up on winning and disappointing people who have high expectations of her. 
At the beginning of the episode I pitied her quite a bit considering how pitiful she looked and acted. Like other opponents Chihaya has played, she had a reason for playing, and a touching story that went along with her brooding mood that made you feel some sort of empathy towards her. 
Flashbacks of younger Chihaya watching her play as queen in the finals surfaced as well, showing the A-class rookie's respect for the previous champion.
However, in an unexpected turn of events; thanks to Chihaya's burning confidence, and Yumi's sensei's overzealous behavior, she manages to pick herself up and begin playing in a way that befits her.
Now this is when my sympathies for her ran out, as she went on using a technique that was not only unfair, but annoying to all the other players around her.
A nit-picky technique in which she questioned her opponent's every move and second guessed every little detail.
In a nutshell, watching Chihaya loose to the previous queen who used what can only be considered as cheating, was really tough to watch! Throughout the whole series she's demonstrated confidence in winning as well as when she lost, but after this match she didn't even bow! Which is not only courteous,  but something she has done in ever single match up to this point! 
A very scary scene!
On the brighter side of things, I really enjoy the thought of Kana-Chan becoming a professional reader! She would be so lovely at it, and get to wear a pretty kimono everyday match~ Which would not only make her happy, but would improve the sales of her family's store as well~! I look forward to this development definitely!
So all in all I hope things improve on Chihaya's end, maybe a kiss from Taichi? Shot.
And I REALLY hope she isn't forced to go bald in the next episode...!;w;

We'll see! Until next time~!

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