Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blood-C Episode 12...*Spoilers*

I don't know why all of my up to date posts are gone, but I really wanted to discuss this, so I'm making another one for episode 12; if it gets deleted, then that's a shame.

Okay so I am BEYOOONDDD freaked out over this episode!!
Fumito is way boss and terrifying as shit. I knew he was important, but I had nooo idea he was he main bad guy from the begining!;; He's totally a jerk too, though it's not like anyone besides Tomofusa was also. I mean SERIIOUSSSLLYY! The twins, Tokizane, the teacher; all of them were just awful!! Doublecrossing assholes who just as vicious as the Elderbrains/

Though I wouldn't quite say their deaths were deserved; as they were awfully awfully cruel; not to mention hideously grotesque~
The carnage in the episode was unbelievable to say the least, it was cencored to death and I still barfed macaroni; my stomach, jeese. I can't even imagine what uncensored will be like, considering this episode alone I'm in shivers!!

I think Tomofusa's death is the only one in the series I got choked up about, he was a real sweetheart and they totally just did away with him in a highly unacceptable and horrifying manner.>:/

I'll miss him the most;-;
All in all I think this anime wins the most bloody award in my book.
Not in my many years of anime have I seen an anime with so much blood and so many deaths/
Not Elfen Lied, not Higurashi, Dokuro-Chan, Blood+, HOTD, etc.
Though it lacks the horror of most bloodthirsty anime, the blood part of it is always there.
And yes, these are very few of the examples of extreme bloodbaths because I'm lazy~~

Anyway, in the event that this somehow gets deleted BECAUSE BLOGGER IS A BEEZY I won't write too much; even though I'm late on watching, please tell me what you all thought of it!!
Kyubey anyone?/人 ‿‿ 人\

Bowl of Fish.