Friday, September 24, 2010


So ask me how my day was, no, go ahead and ask.
My closest friend recently got news that she was moving. Well sure I'd be upset, heart-broken and junk, then it's announced she's leaving NEXT WEEK! Not even a week's notice, and then she'll be off to California!
And TODAY was her last day at school. I had tears in the brim of my eyes all first period, I was soooo close to skipping second, but she had a major project due, so i sucked it up. I'd see her all 3rd period after all~
So an hour into second period, an announcement goes out for a Lock-down. "Greeeaat! What fuuun. It's okay, maybe I'll get out in time to hang out with her third period if this is just a drill!"
But time went by, and another announcement rang out, this one announced the WHOLE SCHOOL(About 1,800 students not including teacher and staff
were to be evacuated from the premises.
So about now, everyone's excited and crowds of people swarm to the many buses available for transportation to the unknown. I must mention I cant get in contact with my friend at this time either. >:I 
By the time I do find her, 20 minutes later, the whole school is packed onto the front lawn and the 117° SUN is beating down hard and agonizingly. She'd been evacuated too soon and left all of her belongings in her classroom. We proceeded to the buses were the'SWAT officers' hurried us in, "Quickly! We're running out of time!" WHAT??
His gun was HUGE.D:

Yeah. Apparently, a bomb threat had been set, and a note had been recovered near the school with detailed information about blowing up the school.
So we traveled onward, not knowing where we would be going, or when we'd be able to come back, eventually arriving at the local Sports Complex.
Needless to say, we all sat in the outside sun, and no one was happy.
After about 2 hours, we were alerted that food would arrive in a bit, and to sit tight.
We were also informed that no student was allowed to leave the complex, or go back to the school to retrieve their belongings until further notice. So there we sat in wait.
At about 12 we were released from school custody and buses and parents came by the dozens!
Not to of course mention many News stations and onlookers.
After much trial and error, we finally made it to the Bus, and made it home~
EGHHH!!! What a day, and it isn't even over yet.
Blegh, I'm gonna take a nap.
Unrelated, pic is unrelated.
In retrospect, school was let out half an hour earlier~

Yay. News.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fancy Cafe, Ooh la laa~

This weekend some dear friends and I went to a Teahouse we hadn't been to in a long time! It was a great chance to feel fancy with expensive sandwiches and cute surroundings~!
Cream Soda~
Delicious White Chocolate Scone~
A fancy Sandwich~
It wasn't as good as I remembered it unfortunately, but the rooms were still just as cute~ Next time I want to try the, "Princess Room"~
You need reservations for the most fancy rooms~ 
After the Teahouse, we went to all the little home-owned stores and shops around the area, but it was a bit too hot to enjoy it fully~^^;
You'd be surprised the kind of stuff they have deep downtown, it's great fun!:D

We went to a Jelly and Jams shop run by this ADORABLE old man who taught me all about Jelly and different flavors of honey!:D
I want to marry this cute old man!!
Mr. Jam!

All handmade!

I really wish I'd brought more money with me for this whole event, maybe next time~~
These cute Lolita heels were great! I want them all~

The cutest luggage you'll ever see~
I'm totally picture whoring, but I took lots so no need to waste them~!♥

It was a real fun day ignoring casualties an the heat~ 
Hopefully we'll go back soon~

On an off note I finished H.O.T.D yesterday, it was GREAT.
More info on that later~

Sunday, September 19, 2010


So I've been a bit behind on my anime lately, well, a few days, but...xD
I was watching the newest episode of Shiki and completely forgot about Gackt's role in it!TTwTT
I'm sure not many of you know, so I'll give you the delicious scoop~!
This was supposed to be a post a while back, but I forgot...;;
Anywho, famous Japanese idol Gackt announced that he will be playing the role of, Seishirou Kirishiki in the Anime seriesShiki airing in June. This will be Gackt's first voice-acting role for an Anime Series. 
Here's the sexy character in question...
Got your fapping hand ready~?
He's only shown up twice, but each time my heart just stopped!~
Here's a sweet preview of an elongated appearance in episode 11~
Make yourselves comfy from, 7:15 to 8:47
I realize this is no real news for those of you who couldn't give a damn about Gackt, but for those of you who do, I hope you feel a bit satisfied~;D
Readin the script.

Workin the magic.
When he was approached with questions on future anime productions, Gackt said,
"Anime is thought of as Japan's culture, I think at the world's top level! I just want to play the voice there. I don't feel worthy enough even now! But I know my voice is widely appreciated by fans, so I will let the magic happen and hope."
What a charming and modest fellow, he know's his voice is tasty ~
I can't wait for more~~

Saturday, September 18, 2010

AH-Software's newest Vocaloid!

You definitely heard right!:D
AH's recent collaboration with Sanrio has produced a lovely new wonder in the name of,
Nekomura Iroha!

Sound familiar? Well it should!
If any of you are familiar with Sanrio's collaberation with the Vocaloid shtick,
AH-Software has been searching for a new look for the newest Vocaloid. 
There were many choices, even the release of a video game involving all of the characters,
What could this be~?
But the winner, to my mass enjoyment, was Okama's illustration,
She was my favorite out of the 13~

Her name is translated to, 'Cat Village,' Lol
and she will be released the 22nd of October~~

"Yeah, she's cute and all, but what does she sound like?"
is what you must be thinking, well...
Demo #1 -Clepysdra (Courtesy: Magic Ribbon)
Demo song #2 -Tsubasa (Courtesy: Pyuasaundo)
Whaaaaat!? I know. She's a loli, right? So what's with that bodacious womanly voice?
No news on what AH was thinking, but we do know that she's already not well liked in the Vocaloid community thanks to that voice of hers~
Personally I'm happy, she's MUCH better than Kei's design!
Look Familiar?
Hmm, thought so :/

Iroha's design is mega cute, so I must say I'm quite pleased~ Her crap voice set aside~~
I don't have much more on her considering she JUST came out, so to wrap up, gomen other Kittlers! Maybe you'll get another shot!:D
Fishcaek's wishlist...

San Francisco to Host Hatsune Miku's 1st U.S. 'Concert'

I haven't posted in a while, been busy, gomen!><;;
So it makes it all the more disappointing I'm now posting sad news!-(In my opinion anyway.)-
That's me, that one in the corner^
Look closer.

In an nutshell, you can assume I am VERY upset.>:c
I was sooo happy and surprised to find out there was going to be a Miku concert in my area! Then I realized I was,
1. Broke.
2.Too late.
3. Not busy.
I feel like I'm gonna die.

Yes, this is the life of a otaku.
Let's hope there are many many mannnnyyy attendees, so there will be another one soon that I may be able to attend.
Other infos about the Concert,
--Every attendee will receive a poster. Blu-rays of the concert in Japan will be available for purchase.
--Tickets are $20 and can be purchased here: http://www.ticketmak...BP=%3Cbr%20/%3E
--Tickets are sold out.
--Miku will be the only Vocaloid shown.

Ah, I will try to be positive, maybe next time, ne?

Is anyone going?>0<;;/

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beautiful Death.

So I've decided to take up icon making~!

They're so pretty~ I want to at least try!
I'm not to positive on how to do this, but here goes!

High School of the Dead, Ep.09


Waah!! I got so excited! I added a bit much I guess?
Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni.


Tadaa~! My first icon job! 
Like it? Feelin sexy?

Bowl of Fish.