Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Video games and Saturdays~

Gomen! My posts have been seriously slacking lately, but that's what school does to you, I guess~?
I've been really busy lately with so many projects! It's a wonder that I get time to watch anime! It's funny how I always manage to have time for it~

So recently I've been trying very hard to get used to my new hair..
I've gotta say it's rather difficult, I'm having confidence problems:/
I hope it grows out soon, anyone have an hair growing tips?:3
Also, I had quite a lovely Weekend~! 
My friends stayed over and we all made creative delicious pancakes!♥

B-chan's caek
L-tan's caek
D-yan's caek
My caek...

A-wan wan ate hers before I got to take a picture-__-
It was a damn fun weekend, the pancaeks were just a bit of it~ 
I managed to find out lots of new videogame info while we were browsing the interwebz I hadn't expected before too!
Wicked neat, right?! And it's a ps1 controller too!:'3
And look! Look!!

It looks just gorgeous! The characters are super cute, kitten people!!:O
Only the coolest animation can do that without being labeled gay.
It's amazing how pre-sale starts so damn early when the game itself isn't due till March of next year!
It proves how fantastic Final Fantasy is to the community ~
I would like to play it~^0^/
Speaking of Square Enix...
I've been looking about the Official site for Birth by Sleep, and it looks just as pretty! At these times I REAAALLLY wish I had a PSP!!
Check out the site, it's very interactive!
From what I've come to understand, the game itself is set ten years in the past, so you get to see lots of characters young and way cute!♥ 
I wont spoil anything, but there's someone particularly that made me squeal a good deal~!
Check out the Character selection on the site, it makes you wanna play even more!~
September 10, 2010 babies~
Anywho!! It's got me all hyped up on video games! I should really finish KH1, hmm~?
So what are your favorite videogames? Any interesting releases you're excited for? Gimmie the scoop~!
Until next time! I have homework...;;;


  1. I like yer hair~ And FFXIV me at least.

  2. I would get this game just because of that hot (and kinda random) dark-haired guy XDDD Aww, but it's nothing new from all the other MMOs I've played before -pouts-


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