Saturday, September 18, 2010

AH-Software's newest Vocaloid!

You definitely heard right!:D
AH's recent collaboration with Sanrio has produced a lovely new wonder in the name of,
Nekomura Iroha!

Sound familiar? Well it should!
If any of you are familiar with Sanrio's collaberation with the Vocaloid shtick,
AH-Software has been searching for a new look for the newest Vocaloid. 
There were many choices, even the release of a video game involving all of the characters,
What could this be~?
But the winner, to my mass enjoyment, was Okama's illustration,
She was my favorite out of the 13~

Her name is translated to, 'Cat Village,' Lol
and she will be released the 22nd of October~~

"Yeah, she's cute and all, but what does she sound like?"
is what you must be thinking, well...
Demo #1 -Clepysdra (Courtesy: Magic Ribbon)
Demo song #2 -Tsubasa (Courtesy: Pyuasaundo)
Whaaaaat!? I know. She's a loli, right? So what's with that bodacious womanly voice?
No news on what AH was thinking, but we do know that she's already not well liked in the Vocaloid community thanks to that voice of hers~
Personally I'm happy, she's MUCH better than Kei's design!
Look Familiar?
Hmm, thought so :/

Iroha's design is mega cute, so I must say I'm quite pleased~ Her crap voice set aside~~
I don't have much more on her considering she JUST came out, so to wrap up, gomen other Kittlers! Maybe you'll get another shot!:D
Fishcaek's wishlist...

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