Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fancy Cafe, Ooh la laa~

This weekend some dear friends and I went to a Teahouse we hadn't been to in a long time! It was a great chance to feel fancy with expensive sandwiches and cute surroundings~!
Cream Soda~
Delicious White Chocolate Scone~
A fancy Sandwich~
It wasn't as good as I remembered it unfortunately, but the rooms were still just as cute~ Next time I want to try the, "Princess Room"~
You need reservations for the most fancy rooms~ 
After the Teahouse, we went to all the little home-owned stores and shops around the area, but it was a bit too hot to enjoy it fully~^^;
You'd be surprised the kind of stuff they have deep downtown, it's great fun!:D

We went to a Jelly and Jams shop run by this ADORABLE old man who taught me all about Jelly and different flavors of honey!:D
I want to marry this cute old man!!
Mr. Jam!

All handmade!

I really wish I'd brought more money with me for this whole event, maybe next time~~
These cute Lolita heels were great! I want them all~

The cutest luggage you'll ever see~
I'm totally picture whoring, but I took lots so no need to waste them~!♥

It was a real fun day ignoring casualties an the heat~ 
Hopefully we'll go back soon~

On an off note I finished H.O.T.D yesterday, it was GREAT.
More info on that later~

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