Saturday, August 28, 2010

A hairy situation..

I haven't been feeling to jolly lately.
As you know I've really been wanting a haircut, but I haven't gotten the time to actually go out and get one~:/
Well this Thursday I finally got the chance! I was extra super excited!

I'm so embarrassed!!
The idiot stylist didn't listen to me at all! And now I'm stuck with this uneven, and unappealing doo!
It's gonna take forever for it to grow out and let me cut it the way I wanted it too!:'c
I'd show you a picture of what it was supposed to look like, but you'd only laugh at me more!
My lovely friend A-chan is trying to convince me I look quite nice, 
I hope I'll get to the point where I think so too!!
Sorry, this is sorta a whiny post, isn't it?;;
Let's spice it up, shall we~?
What else did I do this week?!

Finger puppets!
Delicious Chicken Caesar Salad!
More H.OT.D

More Shiki-(It's getting good!)-
Drawing on random plates~

And then some~
I have friends staying over, so I've gotta clean up!
Maybe I'll post more later on tonight!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Game Shame!

So most otaku are familiar with the Touhou Project franchise. 
Personally I think Zun's art and concept is gorgeous, I know some of the characters and enjoy their music tremendously, But strangely have never got the chance to play any of the games~:o
Surprising! So I finally got off my lazy butt, then sat back on my lazy butt and proceeded to download! 
I really love fighter games, and I knew Touhou had a variety of games, so I started there.
In the end I ended up downloading, '東方緋想天 ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.'
It turned out to be a great choice! The music was top-notch as to be expected, and a majority of the characters were similar to me~!I cant wait till I unlock them all! 
The playable characters are also adorable,
So small!>o<;;/

It's a pretty fun game once you start to get the controls! I'd recommend it for anyone who enjoys Fighter games and a female cast~
The only thing that's irking me is this damn English patch! The instructions are so darn complicated!! I feel like I've downloaded the same file over and over again!TT^TT 
Hopefully I'll get it soon! It'd be nice to read the game objectives...>0>'
On an off-note! It rained today!:D Finally.
Here's a picture I took on my crappy phone camera of the sunset after the drizzle ended~
Purple sunsets are lovely~!

I heard there's a new Touhou game out btw!
 Anyone have any info on it~?

Friday, August 20, 2010


Today is Friday, for which I am so glad!
I have a bunch of crappy homework I have to do, and I even babysit tomorrow, but looking at it fondly, I also get to sleep in~♥
Some fun stuff happened this week,  
in Culinary Arts Class...
We made Pancakes!
Mine look a bit weird...

And even better, today,
It was the first time I'd made one all on my own, I was proud!!:'3
And it even tasted good, what luck!

On Wednesday my friendly did my hair to look like a short bob~
I gotta say, I totally love it, I'm for sure going to get a hair-cut soon thanks to her!
She did a great job considering how long it really is! 
Shut-up. It's long for me!>>

But the most exciting thing happened just recently!
That same friend and I completed a dance we've been working on today~!
I'd really love if you'd watch it!
Yes, we know this isn't the most serious of dances~
Hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Zombies and Demons and Girls, oh my!~

I've recently been trying to catch up on my Summer anime, I must say, the line-up this year is pretty damn fantastic! I haven't watched them all yet of course, at the moment I'm keeping tab on three of them ~^0^/ 
Though before I continue, I must say I really enjoy Guro anime, so if the genre offends you, you may not be totally thrilled with my Summer favorites~
First off, 
High School of the Dead (学園黙示録 "Academy Apocalypse")
Often shortened to, 'H.O.T.D'
This anime is AMAZING!! 
As you can probably tell by the panty-shots and huge boobage, this is an Echi~
The plot is basically the world suffering from a large spread zombie apocalypse, the main characters are a group of hot well-endowed teenagers trying to get home and while slaying as many of the undead as they can while still looking fine~

 I've never heard of a 'Zombie' anime before(I don't take Zombie Loan seriously), so the idea struck me as awesome~!  The large quantity of gore and breasts make this anime super unique,  the art is incredible, and the storyline is great, I'm looking forward to what they come-up with next!
I'm really enjoying this anime so far, I can't wait for the next episode!
Not to mention the male lead isn't to bad either...

Shiki (屍鬼 "Corpse Demon")

This anime revolves around a small village that is suffering from many mysterious deaths and the equally mysterious family that just moved into the abandoned European mansion at the end of the village. 
I chose this anime because the artwork seemed pretty, and because it was based on a horror manga, just as H.O.T.D~ The story takes a while to get exciting, but it really picks up when all the mysteries start molding together! I'm totally into the Mystery genre, so I'm enjoying this anime as well~!
Oh yes, did I mention the male lead in this anime~?
O goodness...♥ 
The last anime I've been keeping tabs on is,

Yup, it's a Yuri~
This was released only two days ago, yet It seems it hasn't been subbed yet~:/
I've found it Raw, and the quality is amazing, yet I'm hesitant to watch a GL without understanding what they're saying in avoidance of being a pervert~_____~ 
I wanted to watch this one for the fact it was made by an independent director, and it strangely was never a manga. Plus I haven't really watched much Yuri, this could be a fun experience~!
I hope it's subbed soon!~:3
I'm sure to pick up some more soon, if school doesn't kill me first~>o<;;
So I hope you take these great anime into consideration, till then, I gotta get something to eat!~ 
Oh yeah, and enjoy this!

Oh~ Looks like this is my longest blog entry so far, yay~!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Big Screens and Tiny Teens!

Fishcaeky went to the movies with friends today~!♥

And I must say, Scott Pilgrim ROCKS MY WORLD!!
It was a damn fantastic movie, and I encourage all of you too see it~
^This is true.
It was an especially fantastic movie for all of you Video Game nerds out there~ 
You know I enjoyed it! ♥♥
With all the crack-pop references and amazing effects it was like being inside an arcade with epic surround sound! The actors were perfect, I've only read about half of the first Scott Pilgrim Graphic Novel, but they freaking nailed it! 
And the animation, so bloody wicked, I got chills!
The film in it's entirety gets a 10 outta 10 from me, you can bet I'm gonna be buying it and watching it over and over when it comes out to DVD~!
Win win!
After that AMAZING experience, we thought it fit to watch another movie to kill some weekend time~
"Hey! Let's watch, Despicable Me! That's supposed to be cute!"
I wish I'd have known this was gonna suck so much ass before I walked into the theater...
I take it back, it just smelled like ass in there.
Granted, it is a kids movie, but the smell...How do I put it?
Like dirty diapers, mac and cheese, and reaally sweet candy? Yeah.
I was expecting sooo much for this movie! I can't believe it was such a disappointment.
Though I do suppose nothing could have followed up Scott Pilgrim~♥
We had to wait about an hour for the movie to start, so what to do in that spare time...?

Oh yeah. They want it.

We did so much today! But I feel like if I post more stuff you'll get bored and stop reading?
So to be safe I'll stop here~ Comment me if you want to see more! Or maybe I'll get impatient and just edit this post later on?x'3
Until next time!♥
"Have you seen a girl with hair like this?"

Birthday Farty.

It was my brother's Birthday yesterday~! :D
A little corny I know, but 13's a big deal, ya know~?^0^/

So the little bash was thrown at Peter Pipers and I indulged in a great many shooter games!

^Concentrated face

It was a particularly awful Peter Pipers, so this was the most fun I had there~ :/ 
But I managed to defeat billions of enemies, and even got an, 'A' score on one of my runs!
It was a long party with not nearly enough pizza,,so I was extremely over-joyed when my little cousin made it!

AGHHH! Too cute!! 
I freaking love this kid! He's adorable, and so smart for his age~!(3)
On an off note, sadly I think I'm growing out of Peter Piper Pizza. I just cant stand the smell of burnt Pizza and  ogling of ugly pre-teen boys anymore!
What happened to wholesome, adorable little munch-kins?! 
Oh youth!
Children aren't nearly as cute as they used to be!!
Another off-note...
Yaoisaurous sex!8D
^100 tickets EACH!

I'm rambling again.
Until next time~!♥

Bowl of Fish.