Friday, August 13, 2010

Brace Yourself!

 So today I went to the Orthodontist. Eghh...I really don't love it there!

It's so scary and painful, like late-time television!D;

Random pictures of my scary trip?~
^Colors to chose from.

Regardless of how scared I was, I managed to get a few things changed and fixed and changed my colors too~
No offense, but I'm not posting pictures of my mouth.:/

After that icky ordeal I went to Borders with a friend and I got a delicious book♥
This is The: Code Geass-Knight
Anthology For Girls~
I've been looking for it everywhere on the internet and I couldn't find it translated anywhere! I definitely had to buy it!♥♥
The Anthology for boys is way easy to find, what the heck!?
But it's alright, the book has tons of great artists, and a free poster! I cant wait to read it!

Hopefully the translated Volume 2 comes out soon too~
The cover is sexy.:B

Ah! It seems I've started rambling!
Is that possible in a Blog? 
I guess I'll cut it here! Hope to see you all soon~!

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