Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Foolish Schoolish~

I just completed my first three days of school! Not as great as I remember unfortunately.

ALOT of my greatest friends were Seniors, I miss them dearly, especially during lunch-time~
My classes aren't too bad, I like them all except my, ~*clears throat*~ 
'College Prep: English 4 Honors'
Fewww! It's a mouthful! Sure it makes me sound smart, but I'll be lucky if I can get through the week, lets see how it goes!~0~/
My outfits were cute though, so that was fantastic~

Hmm, what did I wear on Tuesday...? Aha~
I have French class last hour, it's pretty neat! I think my favorite word so far is, fenêtre(Window)
It's such a pretty language, I hope I get used to it!
Goodness! I have an essay I should be working on! School is so tiering! 
I'll update later, when I'm not knee-deep in paragraphs~


  1. I like it. the first pic :P
    I know you miss the seniors....I know you do..

  2. Aw, I see you like the site I showed ya ;D
    Your pictures are cute :3

  3. Wow, you remind me of those geek girls I used to shove in the toilet pan because their face was too irritating.


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