Sunday, August 15, 2010

Birthday Farty.

It was my brother's Birthday yesterday~! :D
A little corny I know, but 13's a big deal, ya know~?^0^/

So the little bash was thrown at Peter Pipers and I indulged in a great many shooter games!

^Concentrated face

It was a particularly awful Peter Pipers, so this was the most fun I had there~ :/ 
But I managed to defeat billions of enemies, and even got an, 'A' score on one of my runs!
It was a long party with not nearly enough pizza,,so I was extremely over-joyed when my little cousin made it!

AGHHH! Too cute!! 
I freaking love this kid! He's adorable, and so smart for his age~!(3)
On an off note, sadly I think I'm growing out of Peter Piper Pizza. I just cant stand the smell of burnt Pizza and  ogling of ugly pre-teen boys anymore!
What happened to wholesome, adorable little munch-kins?! 
Oh youth!
Children aren't nearly as cute as they used to be!!
Another off-note...
Yaoisaurous sex!8D
^100 tickets EACH!

I'm rambling again.
Until next time~!♥


  1. my gawd of love the pic of you shooting the gun. twas smexy :)

  2. Hahaha Issac is the boy definition of adorable!


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