Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Game Shame!

So most otaku are familiar with the Touhou Project franchise. 
Personally I think Zun's art and concept is gorgeous, I know some of the characters and enjoy their music tremendously, But strangely have never got the chance to play any of the games~:o
Surprising! So I finally got off my lazy butt, then sat back on my lazy butt and proceeded to download! 
I really love fighter games, and I knew Touhou had a variety of games, so I started there.
In the end I ended up downloading, '東方緋想天 ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.'
It turned out to be a great choice! The music was top-notch as to be expected, and a majority of the characters were similar to me~!I cant wait till I unlock them all! 
The playable characters are also adorable,
So small!>o<;;/

It's a pretty fun game once you start to get the controls! I'd recommend it for anyone who enjoys Fighter games and a female cast~
The only thing that's irking me is this damn English patch! The instructions are so darn complicated!! I feel like I've downloaded the same file over and over again!TT^TT 
Hopefully I'll get it soon! It'd be nice to read the game objectives...>0>'
On an off-note! It rained today!:D Finally.
Here's a picture I took on my crappy phone camera of the sunset after the drizzle ended~
Purple sunsets are lovely~!

I heard there's a new Touhou game out btw!
 Anyone have any info on it~?

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  1. Well that's a pretty lovely shot for a "crappy phone camera" ;) Nicely done.

    Thanks for your recent visit to my blog.. very much appreciated. :)


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