Sunday, August 8, 2010

Baths and Maths

I took my dear kitten a bath today! Her name's Lelou~^0^~ 
She's so darn cute! It was her first bath and she through a huge hissy fit~!
She looked adorable all wet, or maybe just like a skinny bat creature~?
She was awful in the tub, but after I finished bathing her she was so tame! She let me dry her and even lifted her little arms when I needed to dry her belly~

And it all seemed due to my fantastic little comb!

She turned into an amazing sweetheart~! My secret weapon!!!8D
She smells so good now, I cant wait to sleep with her tonight~
Not much of a big deal, but I thought it deserved some notoriety!

Egh, well school starts tomorrow, so I should really get to sleep
Ahh! I'm so not ready!!;;

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