Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Ah, it's been a while hasn't it? Gomen gomen! But the worst of my finals are over now, so I have a lot more free time for YOU~
So I promised I'd do a post on my lovely new contacts~
I don't know much about contacts, but a friend of mine is just addicted to Japanese Fashion magazines, and put it in her jurisdiction to provide me with my first pair~
Popteen is her favoritec:
I've been planning on getting some for Cosplay, so she did me the pleasure of giving me Green ones prefect for my next dress-up!~
They look pretty nasty and normal when they're in their little case, but I assure you they're amazing!:o
There are many, many different contact brands, like glasses or soup, this specific brand is called, 'Magic Angel Eyes.' They're what's referred to as, 'Wide-eyed lenses,' lenses that are a bit larger than regular brand contacts to give off a more childish, doll look~
There sizes vary from extreme to hardly noticeable, becoming larger is millimeters~
The largest being 17.0(Incredibly dangerous mind you.)
These are 16.5~~
Mine are 14mm~:D
Ah! So without further ado!
Tada~ Aren't I adorable~?-w-/
love them very much, and they're surprisingly comfortable!
Does my eye look bigger? Let's take a closer look~
Unfortunately I was born with eyes as big as the moon, but if you look a tad closer you'll notice the lenses are indeed bigger than my actual pupal~
Altogether now~
Better lighting~
They really do look bigger!:D
Well, now that the explanation's over, please enjoy a very vain girl being vain~
Badass boyband stare~
For the record, ''Yesstyle'' a fantastic fashion shopping site, is having a sale on GEO brand contacts for a limited time. 12 dollars!
I plan on getting more soon, and if you want a great deal on one of the most popular contact brands around I totally suggest it!
Well now that I have them I'll be sure to wear them a lot, considering they only last one year
I'll be sure to keep you all updated~!
Oh look! It's already time for...
'Fishcaek's Wishlist!'

Today I want BANANA MILK!!
Sounds delicious, right? Two of the yummiest things on the planet, stuffed into a tiny plastic container, wahh! I'm incredibly jealous of those of you who live in South Korea, and can easily purchase this popular drink at any convenience store:'c♥
S'right fokes, only in SK.
Of course, the taste isn't the only thing I'm concerned about...
    Min ho!~
Yeah, I suppose SNSD is cute too...-//w//-
Ja mate!~

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Happy Birfdap!

So my Birthday came and went, and now I'm a fancy shancy of 18~ It feels really weird, I can't totally except it yet, so I'll stay 17 just a while longer as I feel like it!
I through a shin-dig at my house, so it was very comfy and cramped! But I had fun and I think I was a good hostess ~xD
I organized tons of games and we were contently busy!
Who loves, 'Chubby Bunny~?'
I even had a sexy piñata~;D
I miss him:'c
Presents nao plz?
Pokemanz and Hello Kitty sox~
The CUTEST Elephant you will EVER see.
Too many pictures of the elephant? HELL NO!
More on these awesome shits later..
Kawaii Lelouch plush and STARS!
And although it isn't much, I just love taking pictures~
I'll post more presents when I find them...;;
Although getting older is scary and weird, you gotta make the best of it!
Oh memories~

I think the hardest part was the mess really...
Egh, a party too hearty
Trust me, you don't wanna see the kitchen!D:
Hahaha~ I've taken way up too much space with this post!~xD
Let's hurry up and end it with...
'Fishcaek's Wishlist!'

 Yes, all of them.
Bye Q~

Bowl of Fish.