Monday, November 1, 2010


So I toootally forgot to post a Halloween post, instead, HAPPY NOVEMBER!!xD
Unrelated, picture is, unrelated.

I suppose I should be the most happy, my Birthday's this month, dun'cha know~! YUP! 12 days from now to be precise!:D However I find it hard to be happy when It'll be my 18th Birthday after all...>>
ANYWAY~ Halloween was pretty blah, I miss the 90's when everyone was festive and decorated their houses!D< It's like nobody cares anymore!
Trick or Treating used to be awesome, I used to fill pillow cases full of candy and drag them home because they were too heavy to carry!xD
Now everyone just stays home, turns off all the lights, and faps the night away on scary movies and sexual innuendos.:/ 
I don't know about you, but this is how I remember Halloween...
These are both 'Vampires' btw.
The scariness has just dissipated, it pains me~:'c 
Every year at least 50 Trick or Treating houses disappear, who really knows how long it'll take until they all disappear~? The spirit of Halloween, I truly miss it!!x'0

So how did everyone spend their Halloweens~?
 I volunteered at a Halloween church sponsored event, ya-know, for the children!!x3
Care to see my favorite little whippersnapper~?;D
BAMM! Cutest little Anakin I have ever done seen!!
There was lots of yummy food there, the nachos and Cotton candy were delicious~!

There were pony-rides and jumping balloons, trains and many games! I enjoyed myself~!^^

Mkay, question time!
Does this^ look strange to you~?
Yeah, thought so~
OH! To end, I have a fun new segment I'd like to introduce!:D It's called, 
'Fishcaek's Wishlist!'
So I always see things that are fabulous and need attention, so every blog post, I'll post one more here~~!
So here we go~!
Kitty-cat umbrella!
So damn cute.
G'Bye, till next time~~!

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