Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blood-C Episode 12...*Spoilers*

I don't know why all of my up to date posts are gone, but I really wanted to discuss this, so I'm making another one for episode 12; if it gets deleted, then that's a shame.

Okay so I am BEYOOONDDD freaked out over this episode!!
Fumito is way boss and terrifying as shit. I knew he was important, but I had nooo idea he was he main bad guy from the begining!;; He's totally a jerk too, though it's not like anyone besides Tomofusa was also. I mean SERIIOUSSSLLYY! The twins, Tokizane, the teacher; all of them were just awful!! Doublecrossing assholes who just as vicious as the Elderbrains/

Though I wouldn't quite say their deaths were deserved; as they were awfully awfully cruel; not to mention hideously grotesque~
The carnage in the episode was unbelievable to say the least, it was cencored to death and I still barfed macaroni; my stomach, jeese. I can't even imagine what uncensored will be like, considering this episode alone I'm in shivers!!

I think Tomofusa's death is the only one in the series I got choked up about, he was a real sweetheart and they totally just did away with him in a highly unacceptable and horrifying manner.>:/

I'll miss him the most;-;
All in all I think this anime wins the most bloody award in my book.
Not in my many years of anime have I seen an anime with so much blood and so many deaths/
Not Elfen Lied, not Higurashi, Dokuro-Chan, Blood+, HOTD, etc.
Though it lacks the horror of most bloodthirsty anime, the blood part of it is always there.
And yes, these are very few of the examples of extreme bloodbaths because I'm lazy~~

Anyway, in the event that this somehow gets deleted BECAUSE BLOGGER IS A BEEZY I won't write too much; even though I'm late on watching, please tell me what you all thought of it!!
Kyubey anyone?/人 ‿‿ 人\

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Keep your Head Down!!

What have I been totally and completely obsessed and infatuated with recently? It has to be "TVXQ's" new sexy ass, delicious, mother buffin mv~~♥♥♥ AGHHHHHHHH!
I've been listening to it since it came out about two weeks ago~~
Freaking beans I LOVE them, I could possibly fill a whole 'nother blog post about my 'expressive excitement,' concerns and infos on them, but I don't want to embarrass myself~^^;;
I really reaaaalllly miss the other three, but seriously, JYJ is looking pretty damn stupid right now. Half of my favorite band has gone cold and SOUR, while the other half has remained tasty and sweet~~:/
Don't get me wrong I ADORE Hero and the others, but the path they're taking right now curdles my stomach! Personally I think Kanye West  is an idiot douch bag, having him involved is just making people angry, and JYJ is getting as popular as they should be. Sweet boys, please keep the faith!!
BUT this isn't about them, I'm speaking of the success of U-Know and Maxie Max~~♥!
I Love this song sooo damn much, and I just downloaded the whole album, so that's something exciting to look forward to on the bus ride to school~!;D The beat and their sexy outfits are super sexy fresh! And the dance is so fun!! Whenever I watch it I pick up a new move~xD I definitely can't wait to learn the whole thing~!
Whaaattt?! You haven't seen it YET???
Well what are you waiting for?!8D
Every time I watch it I get all tingly~ Fuuuudge!! 
But watching somehow always leaves my tummy feeling a bit empty:c
Seeing the band incomplete, they seem so sullen, and less active. I've watched interviews with the both parties and it's just so...unnatural...I hate seeing them looking so dejected!D"x I've even heard that the JYJ has been trying to get in to contact with the other two with little success. It really hurts my heart! They belong together, you know? It's like, when you're going to buy a puppy and you see it playing with it's sibling and you can't help wanting to buy both because you know if you only buy one then the other will be lonely!
I'm sorry, I'm babbling, but I hope you got the jest of all that~^^;
The beginning of the song starts out with, "(Everything has ended) I didn't even start yet
(We broke up) I haven’t even heard the reason yet..." You could say I have fan paranoia, because when I first read that I almost cried!D; Though as the song went on, I realized it was a 'love song' and felt immensely dumb~~ (It sounds like a band break up too, doesn't it? It can't just be me~~!xD)
While out on the prowl I discovered lots of pictures! Allow me share some of them with you~♥

They all become bigger upon clickage~!:D
Egh, I just realized I'm exhausted!xD I guess I'll talk about MBLAQ's sexy album another time~=w=/
'Fishcaek's Wishlist!'
This should be obvious...

Ah, sleepy,안녕히 주무세요~~!
Let us please be friends again~?

New Year, New Dear~

Yo yo yo! Happy New Year!!
Sorry for the late update, but until recently I've been sicker than a Cold in the SummerFortunately I feel a lot better as the second week of school slugs on by, and things start having a schedule. Christmas and New Years passed by me incredibly quickly this year, I cant figure out if this is due to me getting older, or my family's disinterest in family activities~:/ Though the one thing I can always look forward to is shopping for friends and family~♥
Enjoy my late shopping activity?
YES. It IS an Adventure Time hat!!
This one's JAKE
BATman BACKpack!
My ^dad takes better pictures than me~xD
While we're still on late stuff, care for some over-due Christmas photos~?<3
Only three of these were mine~xD 
My adorable little cousin, he knows how to work an iPhone better than I do~!
Every time he opened a present, he put the bow on his head~
At the end of the day he had about 6♥!
I was disgusting sick on Christmas, so I managed to sleep all day~=___=
Since Winter break was only 2 weeks, I didn't get much done. lazy  
Though I got tons accomplished in terms on anime~~♥ Shiki ended with tears and applause(I reaallly recommended it) and I started a few others~~ c:
Recommendations and infos~
The village of Sotoba has been suffering countless tragedies lately, what ever could be the cause...?
The love between 12 boys and a girl in astrological proportions~
I've been waiting for this for a whiiile!!! It's brand new and only has three episodes out so far, don't get caught behind!
There's always something else connected to something else, everything is not always as it seems and yet it's so incredibly simple~
I'm tooootally digging this anime right now!!
I don't want to finish it too soon, so I'm watching it slowly~♥
Sailor Moon R:
The power of love and friendship take heat with villains of the cruelest nature, but with the help of friends, anything is possible! In the name of the moon, we will punish you!
Only three more episodes till I'm done~!
I can honestly say I have noooo idea wtf this anime is about, so damn weird!!D; 
I started watching it on a  lazy evening after learning Gackt sang the credits song, and even at episode 8, I'm utterly clueless.

Now get your ass into gear for....
'Fishcaek's Wishlist!'
Caught this lurking in the sale bin at Barnes and Nobel~:O
I freaking looove and crave dairy constantly! Cheese is no exception!☻Having this on my bookshelf would make me the happiest little noodle in the bowl~

See ya'll later theeeen~!
^Fishy's new glasses btw~!

Bowl of Fish.