Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Pokeheart♥

Today I honor one of the most influential men in my life.
No he's not a lover, or even a relative, he's actually Japans talented, Takeshi Shudo.
Shudo is credible for many successes in his career, however his most recognizable is his work in the one and only, Pokemon!
He's credited as the chief writer for the original series of the Pokémon anime, as well as the sole writer for the first three Pokémon movies and the Mewtwo Returns TV special. He also wrote several novelizations of the anime~
Such an amazing and powerful man!!
I regret to report, or as some may already know, the passing of this incredible man.
He was hospitalized on October 28th, when he was found collapsed at a train station in Nara, and was pronounced dead this morning.
I remind you he is not, the creator of Pokemon, but just as well he dedicated his whole life to this beautiful project, and to my childhood life! He is going to be remembered fondly, and in good spirits, for the joy he has brought to not only Japan, but the whole world!

This Saturday I'll be pulling out all my sweet Poke-movie VHS-es, Thank goodness I have all of them still~:'3
I blog this post in my respects to him, Pokemon's what made me what I am today, I owe it's contributers so very much!!! I wave at Shudo from the ground to his Poke-Palace up in the sky~

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Convention Tales: Part Three!

Now for the best days report!
For anyone who's ever been to a convention, or ever wants to go, know that Saturdays are the very, very best! If you can only attend one day, make sure it's Saturday!:D
The coolest part of course was travelling and Cosplaying with my best buddies~
Licked my nose~
We made a few stops along the way...xD
If you haven't read previous posts, 
My best friend and I are Cosplaying as
Satoko and Rika
From the anime, 'Higurashi'

 When we finally made it there, we volunteered our butts off!
People in need didn't seem to cease! And 4 hours went by verrry slowwly~!
We were hungry, bored, and missing panel after panel, all seemed lost! AND THEN! We were blessed with one of the loveliest things in existence...

This^ my friends, is what the Con biz calls a, 'Meal Ticket!'
You get a number of these nifty babies according to how long you volunteer. They are each good for ONE free meal~♥!
The individuals sponsoring our meals were so friendly! And catered to our tired eyes and hungry bellies with a cornucopia of food~!
Ni Hao Kailan Cupcake~
Syaoran Cuppie~
Yummy ass foreign chicken crackers!
Table candy~

Lol, I wont bore you with just food, don't fret!~xD
 A few pictures on my down time while behind the counter~?:3
Gumi, Miki, Miku
My dear friend J-kun as Lelouch~=w=
My pop friends as Meltdown Haku and Teto~

 When we were let off duty, we proceeded to enjoy our Saturday the best we could!  
I regret to say I was so excited, I forgot to take pictures of everything~ So here are just a few of my favorite things~!
We attended the, 'J-pop v.s K-pop Battle Royal' a fun compilation of competition, fun, videos and eager contestantsUnfortunately the sound for the event wasn't working, so the supervisors shrugged and proceeded to give away the poppy prizes awarded for winning questions reviewing the 'videos' shown.
In other words, you'd have to know the answers before hand, or no win for you~~
Mama LOOOVES her boybands!>:D
Keheh~! The winning question you ask?
"What group is Taeyang originally from before he branched off?"
I raised my hand high in the air, and when called bellowed a hearty,
On of the most exciting events of the con I do say~>w
A poster of Taeyang's new single~ Fweee~

There was also the, 'How to Make Cosplay Out of Nothing' panel, I got lots of tips~!
The runners of the panel were GREAT!! They made their costumes of course!x'3
Sakura, Syaoran ~!

Eeek! Looks like I've got unfinished homework! Let's continue this on Part 4~!
 Till then,

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Poop the Loop~

I feel like blogging today, but I don't feel like a mass update:/
Oh gee wiz what to do~? Hm?!
The random then~?
So I love Adventure Time~~♥ Today I crappily colored a lovely picture of Fin!
I love this kid~ He's so Shota!
Hmm..~! I really want to start a new anime, but alas my computer's speaker's are broken and I cannot watch any anime!D:
Hopefully I can find I way to watch it some other way!
Katanagatari looks so very interesting!! I wanna start it before it ends!
Sexy, sexy art I see!:D
I also find this exciting~=0=/
Ohohoho! Cyber Kitty KAITO is so darn cute~~
My favorite of the new Diva designs~


Happy Birthday Naruto~
Ufu, and you thought I would forget~?
Love ya babes~!
10/10/10 Mothaaaa!!
Truly exciting, I'll make a cake in celebration later~

Meeeh, I think I'm done~

Friday, October 8, 2010

Convention Tales: Part Two!

Hello everyone~! It looks like it's time for the second installment!:D
We last left off with random Cosplay and events~
While I was Cosplaying with my dear friend, I wanted to take tons of pictures! And the area was just gorgeous, so why not?:D
Picture whoring begins...NOW!;D

It was so pretty and bright there, perfect for pictures!

Here are some personal favorites~8D'
"O yeaz, blah blah.."
Oohs? Peoples? 
"Oooh! Hello peoples! He-"
 Aha~ Picture taking is so much fun! I would kill for a professional camera!D"x 
Like a Canon...
Ehe, there were tons of trees as you can see, the weather was cool and fresh!~ Everyone was enjoying themselves inside, and outside of the convention~!
The cutest dang Rao I will ever see!!
Shanon and Kanon!w

Friday was exciting indeed, skipping exams to Cosplay and play games? I'll take it any day!!
As I type up this blog post on the Friday night a week after the convention, I fondly remember what I was doing at this time then, and silently weep~ I miss it!xD

And there's a messy, inaccurate, and shortened summery of Friday, next post, SATURDAY!8D
Smochi? Smochi...?
Uhoo, Smochi! D"x
Where are you?!8B

Bowl of Fish.