Sunday, October 10, 2010

Poop the Loop~

I feel like blogging today, but I don't feel like a mass update:/
Oh gee wiz what to do~? Hm?!
The random then~?
So I love Adventure Time~~♥ Today I crappily colored a lovely picture of Fin!
I love this kid~ He's so Shota!
Hmm..~! I really want to start a new anime, but alas my computer's speaker's are broken and I cannot watch any anime!D:
Hopefully I can find I way to watch it some other way!
Katanagatari looks so very interesting!! I wanna start it before it ends!
Sexy, sexy art I see!:D
I also find this exciting~=0=/
Ohohoho! Cyber Kitty KAITO is so darn cute~~
My favorite of the new Diva designs~


Happy Birthday Naruto~
Ufu, and you thought I would forget~?
Love ya babes~!
10/10/10 Mothaaaa!!
Truly exciting, I'll make a cake in celebration later~

Meeeh, I think I'm done~

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