Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year, New Dear~

Yo yo yo! Happy New Year!!
Sorry for the late update, but until recently I've been sicker than a Cold in the SummerFortunately I feel a lot better as the second week of school slugs on by, and things start having a schedule. Christmas and New Years passed by me incredibly quickly this year, I cant figure out if this is due to me getting older, or my family's disinterest in family activities~:/ Though the one thing I can always look forward to is shopping for friends and family~♥
Enjoy my late shopping activity?
YES. It IS an Adventure Time hat!!
This one's JAKE
BATman BACKpack!
My ^dad takes better pictures than me~xD
While we're still on late stuff, care for some over-due Christmas photos~?<3
Only three of these were mine~xD 
My adorable little cousin, he knows how to work an iPhone better than I do~!
Every time he opened a present, he put the bow on his head~
At the end of the day he had about 6♥!
I was disgusting sick on Christmas, so I managed to sleep all day~=___=
Since Winter break was only 2 weeks, I didn't get much done. lazy  
Though I got tons accomplished in terms on anime~~♥ Shiki ended with tears and applause(I reaallly recommended it) and I started a few others~~ c:
Recommendations and infos~
The village of Sotoba has been suffering countless tragedies lately, what ever could be the cause...?
The love between 12 boys and a girl in astrological proportions~
I've been waiting for this for a whiiile!!! It's brand new and only has three episodes out so far, don't get caught behind!
There's always something else connected to something else, everything is not always as it seems and yet it's so incredibly simple~
I'm tooootally digging this anime right now!!
I don't want to finish it too soon, so I'm watching it slowly~♥
Sailor Moon R:
The power of love and friendship take heat with villains of the cruelest nature, but with the help of friends, anything is possible! In the name of the moon, we will punish you!
Only three more episodes till I'm done~!
I can honestly say I have noooo idea wtf this anime is about, so damn weird!!D; 
I started watching it on a  lazy evening after learning Gackt sang the credits song, and even at episode 8, I'm utterly clueless.

Now get your ass into gear for....
'Fishcaek's Wishlist!'
Caught this lurking in the sale bin at Barnes and Nobel~:O
I freaking looove and crave dairy constantly! Cheese is no exception!☻Having this on my bookshelf would make me the happiest little noodle in the bowl~

See ya'll later theeeen~!
^Fishy's new glasses btw~!

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