Wednesday, December 29, 2010

*Figure it out~! Suzumiya Haruhi: Middle School ver. figma!

Helloooo all~!
So I bet you can all guess what I got in the mail today~?:D
I was so excited I ended up opening it with a Potato peeler~xD 
Sidenote, however desperate you are, do NOT open packages with a potato peeler~*sniffle*~
Out of the box~~
Now on a not so enjoyable note, let's change the pace...!
I'm not a very anal person, small details and minuscule things don't usually bother me, but this figure...D;
My little spat won't last long, but here we go!
I'll start by saying the figure in general is significantly different than what was pictured!:<
Yeah I understand that they make the very first figure amazing so that people will buy it, but if all the figures after that suck, then they ultimately lose business, right~?:/
On a positive note, she comes with so many hands! I'm not going to get bored switching them often~!♥
The negative half? It takes about ten minutes to get one on, and once you get it in, you realize it's literally impossible to get the whole thing in.
The joints in the figure's entirety are all very difficult to work with and very hard to pose! I have to use most of my strength to move her arm upward~ Her back is the weirdest part!
No matter how hard I try I cant move her in a way where she doesn't look like she's slouching!;//
"What is wrong with my arm?D:"
After much trial and error I finally managed to get her to sit on her on her little park bench, theeen she fell off.
I figured out she can only sit on the bench if her head is tilted all the way down, otherwise her little bum doesn't sit entirely on the seat, or you have to extend her legs all the way out~
However that's alright, because my bud Kakashi needed a place to sit~c:
Her hair and face also bug me, but it maaay just be me being picky. :/
Her mouth is crooked and her hair is to high from her forehead.
The last thing that irked me was the figma stand. I was super excited to get one, but when I made an attempt to stick it in it was incredibly hard to get it in! Much harder then posing the joints!><;; I was afraid I was going to break her!D':
But hey, the chalk line marker looks like it does in the pictures, gotta give um that~
assure you that I did not buy a fake and this figma is 100% official~ I guess I just got one of the runt of the litter:/ But regardless of all my complaints, I gotta say it's just amazing having her, and she's still a very cute figure~ I adore Haruhi, and I'm going to enjoy bulding up on her and getting her friends~x3
"Is there anything in there for me?"
Ready for the fun part?:D
Regardless of all of her flaws, she does have a lovely paint-job, and she takes adorable photos!♥
"What's with all that noise?"
"I was-..."
"W-what the heck is this?"
"This is..."
"This is not the banana you are looking for~"
Hee~ This is fun! I'll have to take more pictures when I feel better~!c:
I hope figmas are like shoes and she loosens up after a while~~
"What are you looking at?!"
Ahh~ Haruhi, you're so cuute~
Eek! It's already so late! Time for...
'Fishcaek's Wishlist!'
You can never have enough figures!
A Haruhi harem!

See you soon~=0=/



  2. Hey! Late comment 'cause I just found this post and thought I might give you some tips. I don't know if anyone told you but figmas do tend to loosen up over time. I have four and I love them dearly! Lol! Just be aware that they may be too loose and they are rather top-heavy, depending on the character.


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