Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Figuring~

Ahh!!! Finals are now officially, finally, OVER! I cry so many tears of joy!! It's been exhausting, and I feel like a two week break isn't nearly enough, but...I take what I get! I hope to take these two weeks and mold them into something exceptionally fantastic~ Although it's already Tuesday and all I've done is watch anime and eat.
One of the most exciting things happening this month that you hope I'll mention is Christmas, ne? Ah, and here I thought all the stress was over!xD I bought all my gifts online, and a bit late I might add, so some of them may not make it under the tree in time! D: Even my own present was procrastinated, so here's hoping...!>-<;
Though I cant tell you what I got friends and family, I can show you what I ordered for myself~!
Yaaah! So cutte~~~
This here is the, Suzumiya Haruhi Junior High School ver. Figma (PVC Figure), She was released in October and just recently went on sale, I just couldn't refuse such a juicy offer, and she is now being shipped to me for Christmas!:'D She's going to be my very first large scale pvc so I'm extra EXTRA excited!! 
I'll be sure to take my own pictures when she gets here~
With Christmas here, it feels like I can finally get all of the things I wish for all year long, alas, money is a fickle  beast, so buying presents for others will be my happiness reward for now~
Another bombtastic and exciting event, the Rin and Len Append are to be released the 27th!
As some of you you might already know, their boxart and outfits were recently released also~~
Hot damn they look great!! All I've been listening to lately are append samples~
So far, Len's 'Power' append is my favorite~

Ah! And the fanart is bonkers!
 Click on them to make them bigger~!

And we shan't forget...!
'Fishcaek's Wishlist!'
 AHH! Kagami I wanna eat chuuu!♥♥♥
Is there really anything more amazing than this? Ahh...One day...♥

Well, I'm hungry now, so I'll catch you all on teh flip side~~
Flip flip!

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