Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Ah, it's been a while hasn't it? Gomen gomen! But the worst of my finals are over now, so I have a lot more free time for YOU~
So I promised I'd do a post on my lovely new contacts~
I don't know much about contacts, but a friend of mine is just addicted to Japanese Fashion magazines, and put it in her jurisdiction to provide me with my first pair~
Popteen is her favoritec:
I've been planning on getting some for Cosplay, so she did me the pleasure of giving me Green ones prefect for my next dress-up!~
They look pretty nasty and normal when they're in their little case, but I assure you they're amazing!:o
There are many, many different contact brands, like glasses or soup, this specific brand is called, 'Magic Angel Eyes.' They're what's referred to as, 'Wide-eyed lenses,' lenses that are a bit larger than regular brand contacts to give off a more childish, doll look~
There sizes vary from extreme to hardly noticeable, becoming larger is millimeters~
The largest being 17.0(Incredibly dangerous mind you.)
These are 16.5~~
Mine are 14mm~:D
Ah! So without further ado!
Tada~ Aren't I adorable~?-w-/
love them very much, and they're surprisingly comfortable!
Does my eye look bigger? Let's take a closer look~
Unfortunately I was born with eyes as big as the moon, but if you look a tad closer you'll notice the lenses are indeed bigger than my actual pupal~
Altogether now~
Better lighting~
They really do look bigger!:D
Well, now that the explanation's over, please enjoy a very vain girl being vain~
Badass boyband stare~
For the record, ''Yesstyle'' a fantastic fashion shopping site, is having a sale on GEO brand contacts for a limited time. 12 dollars!
I plan on getting more soon, and if you want a great deal on one of the most popular contact brands around I totally suggest it!
Well now that I have them I'll be sure to wear them a lot, considering they only last one year
I'll be sure to keep you all updated~!
Oh look! It's already time for...
'Fishcaek's Wishlist!'

Today I want BANANA MILK!!
Sounds delicious, right? Two of the yummiest things on the planet, stuffed into a tiny plastic container, wahh! I'm incredibly jealous of those of you who live in South Korea, and can easily purchase this popular drink at any convenience store:'c♥
S'right fokes, only in SK.
Of course, the taste isn't the only thing I'm concerned about...
    Min ho!~
Yeah, I suppose SNSD is cute too...-//w//-
Ja mate!~


  1. Oooh~ Those contacts are so cute~!! :33 *I really want new contacts now heh*

    hahah Those commercials. So funny ♥ I think that japanese and korean do the funniest commercials :DD

    And your blog looks great btw~♥ :)

  2. Um correction! I got yours 14mm bigshot XD


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