Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chilly Wishes~

So how is everyone? Enjoying the cool weather? It seems like every night the sun goes down sooner, and every morning I have trouble getting up because it's so pleasantly dark outside~! This morning when I was waiting for the bus I had to zip my jacket all the way up!
But to be honest, I'm really enjoying it all! I positively adore the cold, all frosty and cute~ I cant wait till it gets cold enough that I can see my breath!
I'm certainly glad I was born on a cold month, Fall is lovely~~!
Speaking of which, 4 days!!
Till my Birthday that is..~ 
I'm going to be 18, and I'm fitfully scared! It's a big step, ya'know, and I'm not all positive I'm ready to be a grown-up just yet! I wish I were at least more mentally mature~:/
Anywhoblahblah, my Birthday party is this Saturday!
I know, I know, you wish you were invited~;D
I have tons of stuff planned, so for that I am excited! Though my room sure is a chore to clean !><;; 
It's gonna be a great turnout~!
Random poo I've been up to you ask~?

I'm buried in work this whole week, so excuse the shortness~!;;
It's now time for...~
'Fishcaek's Wishlist!'

It's somehow extremely difficult trying to find adorable fishcake accessories and items, don't ask me why, but it makes me quite sad!:c That's why I enjoyed this so much!!

See you soon~!♥

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