Friday, August 6, 2010

The Last of Lazy Summer Days...

School starts Monday, so that means this would officially be the, "Last Day of Summer." It's a pity too, because it feels like I've done absolutely nothing!:c
To celebrate this last day I wish I'd done something more redeeming, unfortunately though, that's not the case~!
A series of weird incidents occurred and I ended up downloading a Hentai game for instance~~
"Polygon Love 2!" It's not really new, a 2005 PC game where you get to be the big brother to your very own sweet little sister! (lawl.) But it was actually pretty fun! You get to dress them up in almost anything! Even popular anime and game characters~

There's even a nifty, 'Loli Mode' for you Pedo-Bears~;D
I tried downloading a fabulous BL game as well, but the infringement laws on those things are insane!D8 Pc games are neeaaaaaat~
It's also my last Summer as a High School student! Ah! Time flies way too quick! But I can't wait to see all of the cute new freshmen, so it's not all bad~


  1. YOu should've posted pictures of the one I made of me :D

  2. I liked this game, the graphics are very good.

  3. i love anime!!!

  4. where did you go to download?

  5. you are an idiot, i hope you get knocked by a bus today idiot girl


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