Sunday, August 15, 2010

Big Screens and Tiny Teens!

Fishcaeky went to the movies with friends today~!♥

And I must say, Scott Pilgrim ROCKS MY WORLD!!
It was a damn fantastic movie, and I encourage all of you too see it~
^This is true.
It was an especially fantastic movie for all of you Video Game nerds out there~ 
You know I enjoyed it! ♥♥
With all the crack-pop references and amazing effects it was like being inside an arcade with epic surround sound! The actors were perfect, I've only read about half of the first Scott Pilgrim Graphic Novel, but they freaking nailed it! 
And the animation, so bloody wicked, I got chills!
The film in it's entirety gets a 10 outta 10 from me, you can bet I'm gonna be buying it and watching it over and over when it comes out to DVD~!
Win win!
After that AMAZING experience, we thought it fit to watch another movie to kill some weekend time~
"Hey! Let's watch, Despicable Me! That's supposed to be cute!"
I wish I'd have known this was gonna suck so much ass before I walked into the theater...
I take it back, it just smelled like ass in there.
Granted, it is a kids movie, but the smell...How do I put it?
Like dirty diapers, mac and cheese, and reaally sweet candy? Yeah.
I was expecting sooo much for this movie! I can't believe it was such a disappointment.
Though I do suppose nothing could have followed up Scott Pilgrim~♥
We had to wait about an hour for the movie to start, so what to do in that spare time...?

Oh yeah. They want it.

We did so much today! But I feel like if I post more stuff you'll get bored and stop reading?
So to be safe I'll stop here~ Comment me if you want to see more! Or maybe I'll get impatient and just edit this post later on?x'3
Until next time!♥
"Have you seen a girl with hair like this?"

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