Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Zombies and Demons and Girls, oh my!~

I've recently been trying to catch up on my Summer anime, I must say, the line-up this year is pretty damn fantastic! I haven't watched them all yet of course, at the moment I'm keeping tab on three of them ~^0^/ 
Though before I continue, I must say I really enjoy Guro anime, so if the genre offends you, you may not be totally thrilled with my Summer favorites~
First off, 
High School of the Dead (学園黙示録 "Academy Apocalypse")
Often shortened to, 'H.O.T.D'
This anime is AMAZING!! 
As you can probably tell by the panty-shots and huge boobage, this is an Echi~
The plot is basically the world suffering from a large spread zombie apocalypse, the main characters are a group of hot well-endowed teenagers trying to get home and while slaying as many of the undead as they can while still looking fine~

 I've never heard of a 'Zombie' anime before(I don't take Zombie Loan seriously), so the idea struck me as awesome~!  The large quantity of gore and breasts make this anime super unique,  the art is incredible, and the storyline is great, I'm looking forward to what they come-up with next!
I'm really enjoying this anime so far, I can't wait for the next episode!
Not to mention the male lead isn't to bad either...

Shiki (屍鬼 "Corpse Demon")

This anime revolves around a small village that is suffering from many mysterious deaths and the equally mysterious family that just moved into the abandoned European mansion at the end of the village. 
I chose this anime because the artwork seemed pretty, and because it was based on a horror manga, just as H.O.T.D~ The story takes a while to get exciting, but it really picks up when all the mysteries start molding together! I'm totally into the Mystery genre, so I'm enjoying this anime as well~!
Oh yes, did I mention the male lead in this anime~?
O goodness...♥ 
The last anime I've been keeping tabs on is,

Yup, it's a Yuri~
This was released only two days ago, yet It seems it hasn't been subbed yet~:/
I've found it Raw, and the quality is amazing, yet I'm hesitant to watch a GL without understanding what they're saying in avoidance of being a pervert~_____~ 
I wanted to watch this one for the fact it was made by an independent director, and it strangely was never a manga. Plus I haven't really watched much Yuri, this could be a fun experience~!
I hope it's subbed soon!~:3
I'm sure to pick up some more soon, if school doesn't kill me first~>o<;;
So I hope you take these great anime into consideration, till then, I gotta get something to eat!~ 
Oh yeah, and enjoy this!

Oh~ Looks like this is my longest blog entry so far, yay~!

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  1. Dude no lie I JUST added highschool of the dead to MAL. It recommended it to me based on my love for Elfen Lied cuz of ecchi & gore XD
    and I'm excited for Kuttsukiboshi, looks decent so I'll wait for the subbed


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